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Our support extends to career counselling, improvement areas assessment, resume building, arranging interview with the target organisation, and internships leading to employment.

We help you excel

Most of the aspiring candidate gets stuck with​

Communication Skill

Industry trend

Resume Clarity

Skills of the trade

Opportunity awareness


Self assessment

We will guide and mentor you...

Interview preperation

Prepare with a mentor from your target companies

Career counselling

Request for a focused counseling session with an expert

Resume Building 

Get a perfect resume to help you standout in the crowd.

Improved Interview Skills

And all our training programs are designed around your areas of improvement

Your career journey with us 

Step 1

Fill the registration form

Fill in the details. In case of any doubt, reach out to the team by email or WhatsApp.

Step 2

Pay a very small fees

This fee is just to make sure that you are serious about this process. In case you want this waived, write to us.

Step 3

Mock Interview

Our expert team observes the individual’s current ability around communication, confidence and skill.

Step 4

Interview Analysis Report

Detailed analysis report of what needs to be improved to guide your development in a more targeted way.

Step 5

Counselling Session

An optional one-to-one counselling session with career experts which includes personalized recommendation and coaching.

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

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